Korean makeup on Russian girls: step-by-step instructions, recommendations of stylists, photo

The makeup of Korean girls suits all Europeans well. A simple technique favorably emphasizes natural beauty and is a universal solution for all occasions.

Korean makeup on Russian girls helps to correctly place accents and at the same time maintain a well-groomed appearance. Much attention is paid to complex skin cleansing.

Competent tips and step-by-step recommendations lead to a healthy glowing tone of the face.

The subtleties of Korean makeup on Russian girls

  • The spectacular makeup of Korean women skillfully emphasizes female beauty and youth.
  • Harmonious and natural combination of shades cosmetics on Korean girls are of interest to the fair sex of different nationalities.
Natural combination
  • The appearance of Korean musicians and other public figures acts as a standard of beauty. It is worth considering that natural data often correct plastic eyelids, nose bridge and nose shape.
  • To create correctly korean makeup on russian girls it is necessary to take into account the main criteria for the beauty of Korean women.

Makeup of Korean girls begins with flawless skin:

  • Perfect even light tone skin.
  • Moderate moisturizing and inner radiance of the skin.
  • Triangular the shape of the face achieved through the correct application of blush.
  • Expressive eyes with watercolor effect.
  • Lack of clear contours on the lips.
  • Smooth arrows and voluminous eyelashes in front of my eyes.
  • The use of light pastel colors.
  • Drawing wide, even eyebrows.

The main task for any girl is to choose high-quality skin care products.

  • Make-up fits perfectly on well-groomed skin.
  • Unlike Russian women, Korean women never Do not abuse the amount of makeup.
  • National features of Korean women are ideally combined with soft, soft tones.
  • Prevail in the palette beige, pink, peach.
Pink in the palette
  • Korean women prefer to draw cheekbones orange blush.
  • For both Korean and European makeup, you need to stock up on a set of brushes.

An important role for Korean makeup is played by the quality of the foundation. Its texture should be light and airy.

How to do Korean makeup on Russian girls: instructions, tips

  • The tonality of decorative cosmetics is selected individually, taking into account the color of the eyes and hair.
  • Korean makeup on Russian girls always versatile, suitable for both everyday and holiday look.
  • The application technique is focused on the expressiveness of the main advantages, rather than masking flaws. Korean makeup adds an image of youth and childish naivety.
Adds youth

Korean-style makeup begins with facial skin preparation:

  • purification - we use scrub, oil, foam and other products;
  • recovery - apply a tonic, mask, etc.
  • moisturizing - using a cream or emulsion;
  • nutrition - after a moisturizer, apply a nourishing cream.

Cleansed and moisturized skin is ready for tinting. Foundation is applied in stages in a minimum amount:

  • Wide pores must be smoothed out with grout.
  • As a basis for make-up, a leveling and matting agent is applied, the procedure is conveniently performed with a cosmetic sponge.
  • Skin rashes and dark circles under the eyes are masked with a concealer.
  • To highlight the cheekbones, the center of the chin, the area under the eyebrows, a highlighter is used;
  • Using a cosmetic sponge, apply a tonal agent in a thin layer and distribute it evenly throughout the face;
  • Smooth and dull face tone is dusted with light, light powder;
  • Blush of natural shades is applied to the cheekbones.
The main thing is perfect cover

In combination with dark hair, dark tones of beige blush look perfect. For blond hair, it is better to choose a blush with a pink rose.

Korean eye makeup on Russian girls

  • European girls can easily repeat Korean eye makeup on Russian girls at home. Acquaintance begins with eye contact, so the eyes must be emphasized favorably.
  • The main task of Korean eye makeup - try to visually increase the incision of the eyes. The drawing of arrows and the correct tonality of the shadows allow for a more open look.
Increase eyes

To get the correct result, we use step-by-step instructions:

  • On the upper and lower ciliary line shades of light tones are applied - from white to beige.
  • The upper eyelid and the line under the eyebrows shaded in the same tone with the ciliary zone.
  • Dark shades of shadows used to darken corners of the eyes. The border should be shaded and blend smoothly with light shades.
  • For visual volume the lower eyelid is slightly stained with dark shadows.
  • Using a liner underlines starting point of cilia - A flat strip ends with a slightly lowered tail. The arrow turns out better with unhurried movements.
  • At the final stage in mascara is applied in several layers. For an expressive and natural look, it is necessary to avoid clumping of eyelashes.
Eye makeup
  • Korean girls have mostly straight cilia, so curling them before applying mascara in this makeup technique is unnecessary. For an evening look, it is quite appropriate to use false eyelashes.
  • A correctly drawn arrow should bring European eyes to an almond shape. To give a shine in the look, you can apply brightening agent to the inner corners of the eyes.

To remove the swelling under the eyes, Korean girls use patches - paper stickers soaked in useful substances.

Korean eyebrow makeup on Russian girls

  • Equipment Korean eyebrow makeup on Russian girls significantly different from the usual technique. If we prefer a curved shape of an eyebrow turning into a thin line, then Korean women’s traditional eyebrows are wide and fairly straight.
  • The shape and shade of eyebrows in Korean make-up are as close as possible to natural ones. To draw the perfect shape you will need shadow and pencil.
Wide eyebrows

To achieve a soft straight line of eyebrows, follow the step by step instructions:

  • At the initial stage, it is necessary to get rid of the hairs that are outside the straight line.
  • Via cosmetic pencil draw Eyebrow borders in straight lines.
  • With dry shadows, gradually fill the inner component.
  • The result obtained is fixed with lipstick or wax.
  • Meticulous shading allows you to achieve maximum naturalness. The tone of the eyebrows must be matched with the color of the hair. Ideally, the eyebrows should be a tone lighter.
  • To speed up the process of drawing the shape of the eyebrow, you can use a stencil. For the correct application of the blank, a European girl will need practice.

Korean lip makeup on Russian girls

  • Unlike Korean women, Russian girls use matte, saturated and bright shades of lipsticks. Korean lip makeup on Russian girls involves the use of calm tones and light shades.

How to do Korean lip makeup at home:

  • On moisturized lips primerfollowed by a thin layer of corrective.
  • Via brushes or with your fingertips we apply lipstick to the center of the upper and lower lips.
  • Slamming movements we stretch the applied product along the entire line of the lips, smoothly reducing the saturation of the shade to a minimum.
  • Fix the result with lip gloss.

The main feature of lip coloring is the lack of a drawn outline. The borders of the lips should be slightly blurred.

  • Blur bright shade is possible with cotton pad or ear stick. Give preference berry shades. Gradient transition visually reduces lip size.
No circuit
  • Lip gloss can be applied with tinta - a liquid product with pigments, providing persistent matting of the skin.

To choose the right tone for Korean makeup, you need to take into account the shade of the eyes and hair.

Daytime Korean make-up on Russian girls: in stages

Daytime Korean make-up on Russian girls:

  1. Complex cosmetics cleanse the skin of the face. Apply to problem areas matting agent.
  2. Apply tonal meansIt is preferable to use BB- and CC-creams.
  3. Masking skin imperfections via concealer.
  4. Attach eyebrow tintforming a soft natural shape.
  5. Using a liner emphasize the upper eyelid with an arrow.
  6. The top line of the cheekbones is covered orange matte blush.
  7. In the center of the lips we apply lipstick with a pink tint and blend it to the contours, cover with gloss.
  8. Cheekbone area emphasize with a brightening agent.
Gently Perfect tone Gently Perfect

Evening Korean make-up on Russian girls: in stages

Evening Korean make-up on Russian girls:

  1. With a cotton pad and beauty products, we cleanse the face, moisturize the skin with cream.
  2. Align skin texture under Korean makeup using a primer.
  3. We apply universal tonal means and achieve porcelain skin effect.
  4. Use concealer for a uniform skin color.
  5. Wide with a brush we apply friable light powder? We draw in the cheeks and apply blush of beige or pink shades to the selected area of ​​the cheekbones.
  6. Using friable shadows darken eyebrowsachieving compatibility with hair color.
  7. The shadows shade the corners of the eyes, emphasize the end of the upper and lower eyelids.
  8. Liner on the upper eyelid we draw a thin line with an upturned tip.
  9. In two stages, we paint with mascara or use false eyelashes.
  10. The middle of the lips is stained with lipstick cherry-plum shades.
Evening Brightly Brightly In Russian Juicy

Monophonic Korean make-up solutions allow you to visually smooth the overhanging eyelid, to achieve freshness and youthful look.
Korean makeup will help to dilute the flashy images of Russian girls. Beauty canons of Asian beauties are aimed at creating the perfect appearance.

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